5 Methods Men Should Use To Last Longer In Bed

5 Methods Men Should Use To Last Longer In Bed.

Most men have problems in lasting long and in bed and this can be frustrating for both you and your partner.

Sex experience is different for men and women. In men’s case, when they ejaculate, means that they’re done and it would require some time to shoot again (known as the refractory period). However, usage of penis supplements can help men last longer.

For women, reaching orgasm needs a lot more time. Foreplay, clitoral stimulation, and looking for the G spot and thrusting it really good can assist her in reaching climax.

In this article, we’ll look at some ways for men to last longer in bed for a more enjoyable moment together with your partner.

Use a Cock Ring

Women can use lots of sex toys to help them to reach self orgasm, but men don’t have that many choices. Nevertheless, there is one sex toy that can assist you to last longer in the bedroom, and that is the cock ring.

The cock ring is a special sex toy designed for men and the way you use it is by attaching it to your penis to help restrict blood flow out of the penis to maintain an erection and also keep you from ejaculating to fast.

These cock rings can also be worn on the balls. This is possible if you are using it and it can add another flavor in play with your partner as women can also feel it inside of them too.

Try Switching It Up

Try to do some proprioception to aid you in, stalling time before you ejaculate, so that you can assist your partner to reach orgasm.
The way to do this is by changing sex positions. Give a try to new positions or techniques will help you enjoy longer sex.

Besides, trying an unfamiliar position will allow you to focus on a new feeling which may slow down your sensation of ejaculating.

Take It Slow

Good sex is should be slow and steady because it’s a very intimate moment between you and your partner. With that said, be mindful of your power in the speed you thrust and control your tempo because it can really help you last longer in bed.

Start Using ‘the Squeeze’ Technique

Just right before you are about to let go, stop what you are doing and squeeze the portion just below the shaft. Putting enough pressure to the area can aid in the restriction of blood flow, letting you to get back into the game without ejaculating.