6 Must-Visit Cafes in Kota Damansara

Malaysia, as a nation, offers plenty of different foods that are inspired from neighboring Asian countries, as well as having some Western influences as well.

You can have a great time in Kota Damansara by visiting one of its many cafes along with the place’s best girl escorts.

Today, I will be talking about some of the must-visit cafes in Kota Damansara.

Fifth Palate

The name of this café is actually inspired by the fifth basic taste known as the Umami. That is why most of the café’s dishes are inspired to tickle the fifth taste receptor.

That being said, the Fifth Palate is actually quite popular in Malaysia and they have a very lively Instagram page that showcases some of the café’s best dishes.

The place looks minimalistic with a white, grey, and neutral color accents that will perfectly blend it with the color of your clothes.

The Butcher’s breakfast is one of the best staples in this café and it features a skillet of streaky pork bacon, two eggs (you decide the way it is cooked), rocket leaves, tater tots, and a grilled Portobello mushroom topped off with some tangy Aubergine chutney as well.

Because of the dish’s popularity, the café serves up the Butcher’s platter which is just a much bigger version of the former.

Olfactory Bulb

The Olfactory Bulb is located just above Magicboo in the Sunway Nexis Area. True to its namesake, the café makes amazing use of mood lighting to set the tone for the evening.

This café is unlike any other café because instead of serving cocktails, it actually serves some desserts!

There is a lot to order here but I recommend their spiked milkshakes and their soft-baked brownies.

The brownies can be paired with their own signature ice cream and both of them, when eaten together, creates a nice symphony of flavors in your mouth!

Rebellions Coffee Bar

As the name implies, the Rebellions Coffee Bar serves up some amazing coffee. With an inviting interior plus great and fast internet connections, there is no wonder why people spend a lot of time in this place.

Although they serve a lot of amazing dishes and coffees, I suggest that you try their Nutella Chocolate Bomb. It is filled with chocolate, Nutella, and a host of other goodies that will surely help fix your sugar cravings. Although, I do have to caution people with Diabetes to stay away from this dessert, though.

Go Sip

The place has just opened a year ago, but this place is slowly gaining popularity thanks to its simple interior covered with amazing art. Go Sip is a café that is perfect for business meetings since the place is mostly quiet with a function room if needed.

Rimba & Rusa

Rimba & Rusa is considered one of Kota Damansara’s top cafes. Aside from the fact that they serve amazing meals, the place is picturesque that you can snap photos of the place and post it in your Instagram account.

That being said, there are new things that are on offer every day, so before you order, take a peek at the window to find out what they’re serving on that day.

3 Bags Full

The Sunway Nexis area is full of cafes and eateries that when you visit the area, you will be lost in the sea of many different establishments.

But, if you can find your way to 3 Bags Full café, you will find a place that is filled with a lot of Sheep. And no, I am not talking about a real-life Sheep- I am talking about stuff toys, art, many more.

The place offers a lot of things, but what I want you to try is their infamous Charcoal burger that is paired with double-fried waffle fries.