6 Skills Architects Must Have

1. The ability to utilize a vast range of design tools

Great architects from top architecture firms in Malaysia never limit themselves to a single toolset. Architecture software and design tools continuously evolve, so you need to keep up. It’s not hard to learn, since most of these tools share common functions.

2. Creative problem solving

Architects depend on heavily on creative problem-solving and intuition from the right side of their brains. This skill is important for those architecture projects were new technologies and issues are being tackled. You must know when to use your intuition and methodology well.

3. Analytic problem solving

It’s crucial for architects to use the two sides of their brains effectively. It may sound weird and difficult, but this is the only way for them to do what they do.

4. Requirements management and analysis

This specific skill is not always connected with architects, though it is crucial to other architecture jobs. There are many techniques, processes and tools associated with efficient requirements management that each architect must be familiar with.

5. Data modeling

Data flow diagrams and data modeling are brilliant starting points in understanding IT design issues and principles. Keep in mind that the entire process of working with users, experts and stakeholders offers an great glimpse on how architects do their duties.

6. The ability to visualize complicated issues

Many reliable architects learn how to take advantage of the so-called visual short hand techniques. This takes the form of UML and other standard notations. However, it includes the ability to come up with non-standard visual representations.