6 Types of Watches for Various Events

1. Business Watch

For many people, a business watch is crucial to bring about a positive impression at work. Wearing one at the workplace is graceful and elegant. There is no need for you to get a luxury watch right now. A quality, classy casual watch will do the trick.

2. Ceremony Watch

There are tons of women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia, so it’s normal to feel confused with the overwhelming choices. Just see to it that you know the right type of watch to wear on specific occasions. You can’t wear a biker watch at your cousin’s wedding party. A luxury watch is more appropriate for that kind of event.

3. Holiday Watch

Are you planning to go on a holiday beach trip? You need to have a waterproof watch ready. Make sure that that timepiece would survive your diving adventures, most especially if you decide to take a 100m-dive.

4. Gym Watch

Digital watches are the perfect timepieces for gym lovers. It will give you the ultimate workout vibe. The best thing about this is that it is tough enough to withstand rough movements, and other things that may come your way.

5. Date Watch

What do you think is the perfect watch to wear while out on a date? Go for a sophisticated watch model that would improve your overall look. Don’t wear something that would distract your date. A black watch is one of the best choices for men who want to impress their beautiful dates.

6. Smart Watch

Through a smart phone, you can have the entire world in your hands. Apple watches and other similar timepieces are great to have for the ultimate casual look. Even if the battery of your smartphone is dead, you can still get in touch with your family and friends through your watch.