Buying a Women’s Mechanical Watch

Shopping for watches for women in Malaysia can be overwhelming and stressful. The choices
available in the market are huge. If you are thinking of getting an elegant women’s watch,
choose carefully. Before heading to the watch store, it’s important to have basic knowledge on
the different types of watches and watchmaking in general.

Watchmaking is all about romance and passion. Just the thought of a collector passing down a
timepiece to another generation is a love letter for the future. Being a collector can help you
understand the passion of other connoisseurs and artisans.

A watch is not just there to tell the time. You need to admire its every part, as well as the science
of watchmaking. Before buying a ladies’ watch, check its caliber. Most women love watches
with a clear sapphire crystal case.

The watch’s caliber construction sets the quartz and mechanical timepieces apart. A mechanical
watch movement gets its energy from the trains of gears and wound springs, Quartz movement,
on the other hand, is powered by a battery. Since it is powered by a reliable battery, owners can
expect it to always be on time. This is not the case with mechanical timepieces.

Mechanical watches may be old and traditional, but they are still well-loved. This is despite the
fact that it is ten times more expensive than the ordinary quartz timepiece.

Do you know that the invention of quartz watch movement by Seiko back in the early 1960s
almost signaled the end of mechanical watchmaking? This is time period is called quartz crisis?
It almost ended the haute couture of watches to extinction. But, just like how film cameras and
vinyl albums, lots of people are still buying them. Thus, mechanical watches have better resale
value compared to its quartz counterparts.

There are two types of mechanical watches–hand-wound and automatic. Automatic is also called
as self-winding. This means that the mechanism of the watch is wound automatically by the
movement of the person’s wrist. Hand-wound watches, on the other hand, requires the wearer to
wind the watch physically to power the movement.

Most of today’s mechanical timepieces are automatic, though there are still a lot of watch
collectors and connoisseurs out there who prefer the sophistication and elegance of hand-wound
watches. If you are in the market of a high-quality women’s mechanical watch to begin your own
watch collection, choose one that perfectly matches your style and wardrobe.