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Buying a Women’s Mechanical Watch


Shopping for watches for women in Malaysia can be overwhelming and stressful. The choices available in the market are huge. If you are thinking of getting an elegant women’s watch, choose carefully. Before heading to the watch store, it’s important to have basic knowledge on the different types of watches and watchmaking in general. Watchmaking [...]

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6 Types of Watches for Various Events


1. Business Watch For many people, a business watch is crucial to bring about a positive impression at work. Wearing one at the workplace is graceful and elegant. There is no need for you to get a luxury watch right now. A quality, classy casual watch will do the trick. 2. Ceremony Watch There are [...]

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Necessary Tips to Help You Choose a Watch


According to Barry Schwartz, the author of the book the “Paradox of Choice”, he said that when you are given a variety of different items to choose from, you will have a much harder time to choose the one that you really like. The same can be said when you are choosing an analog watch, [...]

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How to Buy a Vintage Watch


Buying vintage watches as hobby is getting more and more popular, special thanks to quality online sources and savvy watch collectors. Old watches represent incredible value. If you have the means to invest in vintage timepieces, please do so. In a way, owning a vintage watch is like having a vintage car, only without oil [...]

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Why should you wear your watch on the left wrist? Here’s the answer!


You're presumably commonplace to the way that the left wrist is the called and considered the "authoritatively right" wrist to wear a men’s watches. The discussion of which wrist you should wear your watch on has been ever-present, particularly over the most recent few years as web-based life has developed, and more individuals are sharing [...]

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