How to Buy a Vintage Watch

Buying vintage watches as hobby is getting more and more popular, special thanks to quality online sources and savvy watch collectors. Old watches represent incredible value. If you have the means to invest in vintage timepieces, please do so. In a way, owning a vintage watch is like having a vintage car, only without oil leaks. The only thing you need to do is some preventive maintenance every 2 years.

1. Research.

Are you looking for old mechanical watches in Malaysia? Make sure to research first before finalizing your purchase. The vintage watch market is overflowing with fakes and frankenwatches. Talk to watch collectors, and join web forums to ask about the pieces you are interested in.

2. Check the serial numbers.

Check the vintage watches’ serial numbers to know its wage. See to it that the watch movement number aligns well with the case. Never settle for so-called “frankenwatches” or timepieces with replaced or mismatched parts combined together to make a complete watch. If you are in the market of an awesome, old watch, a frankenwatch is great. However, you must know the truth about the piece you are getting.

3. Make sure that the vintage watch is in good condition.

The condition is the most important differentiator when buying vintage watches. Original condition is always crucial. Check if the case edges are sharp or smooth. Also, you would want to have a timepiece that still has its original finish, despite all the scratches that come with old age. Then, once you get your watch, familiarize yourself with vintage watch care to maintain it.

4. Talk to the seller properly.

Gather all of your references before talking to the seller over the phone. There are plenty of vintage watch buying and selling forums online that you can join. On those platforms, you can meet watch collectors and individual dealers.