How to Get That Event Planning Job: 5 Questions an Event Manager Might Ask You on Your Job Interview

1. “You have just been given a new event management project. How do you prepare for the first meeting?”

You would want to prepare for some introductions, and put together the agenda. Outline the event goals, purpose and timeline, alongside the department and individual responsibilities. It’s also crucial to list down all the expectations on this special occasion.

2. “Have you ever worked on more than one event simultaneously? How was the experience? Were they successful?”

The best event companies in Malaysia love hiring people who can multitask, and who are great with stress management. If the events you organized before all at the same time weren’t that successful, it’s fine. Just tell the interviewer your learning points, and how it made your routine better.

3. “How do you deal with competing event project deadlines?”

If the interview asks you this question, then that means that the job you are applying for includes planning multiple event management projects all at the same time. The key here is to understand how to prioritize matters when everything is considered as number one.

4. “What if things go wrong? How do you stay motivated?”

This is the perfect opportunity for you to highlight your most unique experiences that gained the best learnings. Tell the interviewer a personal story. Something that is totally unrelated to work would be remarkable. Tell her what inspires you.

5. “What skills, education and personality traits do you think event managers and planners must have?

The most successful event managers and planners are organized, easy to get along with and flexible. This person must have excellent people management skills and negotiation skills. Formal education is not really necessary, though it would help to have a certification or college degree under your belt when you are just starting out.