OMRON’s Initiatives In Solving Social Issues.

OMRON Corporation is one of the biggest manufacturers of control equipment, industrial automation, electrical components, automotive electronics, and medical equipment. Their innovations in the creation of power switches created a revolution on automation which became one of their staple products. The company was established in May 1933 by Mr. Tateisi in Osaka, Japan. They later moved production to Kyoto after a fire destroyed their main factory during WWII. Their trademark OMRON was established in 1959 and OMRON Tateisi Electronics Co. became the official english name for the company in 1968. The company has a wide range of businesses such as manufacturing, oilfield and marine and healthcare department.

OMRON Strategy in tackling social issues

Owing to ageing demographics in developing countries and the growing lifestyle diseases in emerging economies, healthcare costs are rising rapidly across the world. Globally, the number of individuals with elevated blood pressure is growing as is the number of patients with cerebral / cardiovascular disorders caused by hypertension. High blood pressure is a significant trigger for the initiation of these incidents as human blood pressure rarely stays stable. It constantly fluctuates, increasing as a consequence of tension, drug intake, smoking, sleep apnea, and other factors. OMRON plays a significant part in reducing elevated blood pressure, delivering goods and programs to insure that everybody has the best available diagnosis and care. Our medical equipment gathers and interprets data concerning blood pressure, sleep period, efficiency and frequency of operation and also monitors the genetic and environmental details.


As air quality worsens, patients with asthma are rising mostly in developing economies. OMRON’s sector in the area of respiratory disorders, which deals with nebulisers and other devices, aims to diagnose and cure asthma early on. Most of their research is in the world’s developing markets, where an increase in air contamination is increasing asthma induced spasms. As the company sells devices for low frequency therapy and other items to better relieve discomfort without depending on medications, OMRON’s pain control company lets people lead happy , productive lives. Their therapeutic equipment alleviates foot, neck, and knee pain conditions that continue to impair daily life. At OMRON, they help people to improve by living healthier lives, reduce rising medical expenses and address many global health issues with lifestyle disease prevention and care.

In the near future

OMRON is developing sensing devices to gather and analyze a broad range of patient-related health data. Such data includes vital signs, details on the activities (exercise , diet), medical and genetic records (history of personal and family safety, etc.), and many more. They are also designing sophisticated algorithms utilizing these data to reliably classify the likelihood of brain and cardiovascular diseases. They are also designing tools and apps utilizing this data to help people minimize the consumption of sodium, exercise more, know when to go to the gym, take their medication, and offer other updates and support customized according to the characteristics and needs of each patient. OMRON is transforming the notion of customized patient care by assessment and recovery support systems that medical providers give, and behavioral modification which support the resources that patients use to maintain personal wellbeing.