Some Casinos that You Need to Know in RI in 2019

If you are in Malaysia and you want to try your luck in some casino games, then you can just easily go to Newtown Casino for that. However, what if you are in Rhode Island? Can you play casino games there too?

Gambling casinos are actually legal in Rhode Island and they have since offered some sports betting arenas in the location as well. However, even though online casinos have been around for quite some time already, there is still no casino in the state (although they are already working on it).

The residents of Rhode Island are quite optimistic since there is a movement that will allow an interstate gambling project with Delaware. For now, players who either want to play casino games or those that want to bet on their favorite sports would have to rely on only two gambling casinos.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is actually one of the most popular things that people do all over the world. And since Rhode Island casinos have just started to offer sports betting to their customers, you could say that the casino owners make this as a huge priority, given the popularity of the sport.

Now, in some states, people are allowed to bet on their favorite sports in online platforms. However, there is still no legislation or regulations in Rhode Island regarding the matter, which means that it is still not available in the state as of the time being.

However, citizens of Rhode Island remain to be hopeful as there is already a bill that is awaiting the signature of the Governor. The bill states that it would legalize both mobile and online wagering and if this bill is passed into law, then the Twin River casinos will provide sports betting to their loyal customers.

In addition, online gambling in Rhode Island will also be a thing as well. So, just keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Casinos in Rhode Island

There are two land-based casinos in Rhode Island that are owned by the same company. These are the Twin River Casino and the Tiverton Casino.

The Twin River Casino Hotel, which is located in Lincoln, Rhode Island, is considered to be the biggest of the two casinos that are available at this time. This is said to be the first casino in the state and has now expanded to provide a hotel for customers who want to play to their hearts’ content.

If players want to play a round of Texas Hold’em, the casino has also opened a 23-table poker room located on the second floor to suit all of your poker needs.

Although there are online slot machines that are present inside the casino, it doesn’t give you any money since online gambling is still not allowed in the state (though you can practice your poker chops instead).

The Tiverton Casino was just recently opened and because of its relative newness, it only offers a third of the games that are present in the Twin River Casino Hotel. However, this is not to say that the management is not keen on adding new games. In fact, they are already expanding the rooms to accommodate plenty of incoming machines.

The casino has plenty of slot machines that you can try out, and there is also an online version as well (but again, you cannot earn real money yet).